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He threw the divorce papers down on the table nevertheless. I was in complete shock and heartbreak when he came out and told me; but my cock had remained as hard as a rock ever since I found out he was cheating on me. The months of masturbation and sexual frustration I got when I knew my beautiful bottom husband, Blake, was out partying and having fun with other young men. I saw him hugging them and kissing them with glee at the local nightclubs on Facebook, happier than I've ever seen him since we got married seven years before. It was even more of a shock and heartbreak when it was revealed that the man Blake had settled down to date, was none other than my best friend from High-School; Kyle. A boy I had a crush on since I was a kid, a man I always thought was heterosexual and would never touch me for that reason alone. I was wrong; he was touching my husband Blake like they belonged together.

My name is Scott and I was in my late twenties when all this drama began. However; I suppose you could say the story starts properly when I was eighteen turning nineteen. I was the short and stocky type; 5ft-7inches tall, broad shoulders, which made me look strong and sturdy along with brown medium length hair. I had a sort of box shaped head and plain features. I had played local and school sport and was regarded as quite muscular in comparison to the rest of my grade of peers. People were very surprised when I revealed that I was attracted to males. It was a complete shock for both my friends and the more popular boys I played sports with; the latter of whom, slowly started to avoid me. My friends remained loyal to me though and my best friend Kyle and I became closer than ever; despite his obvious none attraction to me. I thought Kyle only dated girls and wasn't interested to other boys at all. I was very wrong.

I was a guy who really only had straight friends growing up. So I was used to their dirty personality and obscene fascination with girls boobs and butts. We would gawk and laugh amongst one another as we tried to peep up girls skirts and we would make fun of the 'homo's' too; I would be the one to point out to my friends how 'faggy' the homo's in the grade were by laughing and pointing at their girly features; like how their bottoms wiggled and how they talked both in voice and body language. My straight friends would laugh ignorantly with me. I laughed in a dark sinister manor as I dealt with my sexuality at that young age.

I liked girls and ladies too after all; so it was easy to relate with situations when I was in the seventh grade standing in line with one of my buddies at the school canteen and the both of gawked at two ninth grade twin girls with the cutest perkiest bottoms I've ever seen. Both me and my friend admitted to rubbing one out over their butts the following day. Thus was our inappropriate behaviour with one another. We were smart enough not to talk to each other that way in front of our parents or other adults. Wether you could call that immaturity or a twenty-first century youth being comfortable with each others sexuality. Sure some boys only liked females, males or even both; but in the end; all boys, that is, all males; are the same in the end.

This friend that gawked with me about the beautiful twins at the canteen all those years ago was in fact my best friend Kyle. Kyle had brown hair too and was taller than me, and less stocky; though by no means skinny or weedy. Some people called him dopey back in the day, but I always knew he was smarter than that. He was lean and strong and had the body of a Greek god. He wasn't always muscular as a kid though. As a kid he was energetic and skinny but still maintained his brown skin tone that he kept in his teens to the present. Kyle was hyperactive and very enthusiastic as an adolescent and teenager. He always had a smile on his face. Maybe that was why I had a crush on him back then. He was handsome; sure; but it was his outright brightness to life; no matter how bad he was treated or teased by other boys; he never let it show that it was getting him down. We would play the same video-games together, watch similar movies and Japanese animation. All those fun geeky things that made us not care about the popularity pressures of school life.

When I came out and told people that I was 'Gay', when I was actually Bisexual; Kyle didn't take it as well as the others. Kyle and I were such close friends and he never anticipated that I was that way. As a teenager, Kyle was a victim of being fooled by clichés. To him; if I was a 'homo', I had to be those type of guys that act like girls and have my arm extended with a limp wrist. A boy just like Blake came to mind. Kyle was silly and rather simple minded when it came to things like. But over time; I think he understands a lot more than he did. After a few years went and he found out I was dating 'Girly Blake'; he would put his arms around my shoulders like a drunken buddy at parties and ask me how the sex was. I would jokingly go into detail with him; which in retrospect; probably wasn't the moral thing to do. I mean; a straight man shouldn't brag about how they made their wives squeal at night.

After high school I was suddenly nineteen-years-old and without a lover. I kept myself occupied by studying at college for a while. It was then that a younger brother of one of my other friend's contacted me on MySpace at the time. It was my husband to be; Blake. Blake was a beautiful teenage boy with longer dark brown hair and a face that was prettier than most girls. He was slender and had lovely shaped legs that made his wonderfully shaped bottom poke out in a obscene but delightful way; especially when he wore tight jeans. He was a twink with a bubble butt. He looked so sexy and playful that he was an easy catch and hard to refuse. He was the type of boy everyone knew was going to turn out queer later down the track. He was the type of boy where everyone else knew his sexual preference before he did himself.

The first date we went out on was at the movie cinemas. I picked Blake up at a local shop and drove to the movies which were further into town. We were both very nervous and giddy. He told me that had had a crush on me for years. Our families used to go on holiday trips together and he said that he was obsessed with me. I never thought about it as strange those five or so years before, but I do remember my siblings and Blake's brothers making fun of him for talking about me a lot.

When we both arrived at the cinemas we walked up the stairs towards the entrance. Blake observed me in a sexy tone and said, "You are short aren't you,"

"Yeah," I said with a dry smile, "But you have grown pretty tall since I last saw you,"

I looked up at Blake's taller more girly body; he was probably around 6ft exactly. He was taller than me but he was by no means stronger. I had this rush of testosterone overtake me. I wanted to tackle him and force myself inside this tall feminine male right there on the spot. But I waited for us to be in the dark chairs of the cinema room. When we walked in with some drinks; we both found some middle seats where hopefully people couldn't see us doing our business. It started with a cliché; I put my arm around his shoulders and he pushed himself further into me and nudged his head into my chest like I was protecting him. I then lead his hand over to my cock; which he rubbed so tenderly and motherly. It's funny how such a feminine male can feel 'motherly'. I felt so warm; like electricity was flowing through my body and I could accidently shoot lightning from my finger tips. Blake's heartbeat and breathing got faster and faster; I could feel it against my chest and blowing against my face.

I then smiled and cheekily wiggled my nose as I confidently stuck one of my fingers between his arse-crack and began to wiggle it towards his hole. Blake's harsh breath started to sound like a grunt. He carelessly threw himself on me and tried to straddle me on my cinema chair. Reality suddenly struck me that there were at least ten other people in the audience. I slowly pushed him off me and back onto his chair next to me. I looked to my left; and noticed he was quite hurt that I rejected him at that point. I leant over to him and kiss him on the neck; telling me to calm down and that we could finish our fun in the car outside; after the movie. Blake nodded like he understood, but it would be the first of many times he expressed his face in such a way that he didn't want to wait. The same look he would give me when I couldn't satisfy him in bed during our marriage that had yet to come to pass. It was Ying and Yang. A significance that represented the beginning and end of our marriage. That look; that look of contempt that got worse and worse until he fell into the hands of my attractive muscular best friend.

When the film had finished we both retreated to my rusty old station-wagon car under a shaded parking area. We were both in the passenger seat kissing each other in the summer heat. It was such a hot day as we both sweated and our tongues wiggled shamelessly against each others. I pushed Blake over the centre console and pulled down his pants forcefully. There what laid before me was the most beautiful arse I had ever seen. An object that I had become more and more obsessed with as the years went by. I began to kiss and fondle his sweaty buttocks that balanced itself perfectly on the palm of my hand as I curiously sniffed and licked at his butt-crack and arse-cheeks. Blake would giggle and wiggle his ass in my face; but I could also feel him quivering; indicating that he was very nervous and scared. This was definitely his first time. .

At first I was breathlessly whispering and talking him through it; saying it was '-all going to be okay, I'm not going to fuck you, I just want to stick it in a little."

My cock and I were getting very excited as I pushed forward slightly. Blake's ass clenched on my dick like a clamp and I pushed harder into him; nudging my head against his neck as I pushed into him harder from behind. My eyes squinting and sometimes going cross-eyed out of sexual frustration and agony that needed to be released within his anal cavity.

"I lied...I'm going for it!"

Blake simply spread his legs and ass-cheeks further apart as I looked deliriously down at his back; his shirt half lifted beyond his slender but sturdy torso. At that moment; I wasn't consciously sure; but my body and my soul was telling me that I loved him. That he could take care of me and give me his body when I wanted or needed it. The guy that could be my perfect 'wife' ; so to speak. I pushed further into him; the head of my cock trying to wedge itself in his asshole. I simply couldn't do it; not without hurting him; there was no lube and his butt was a virgin. So instead; I grinded against him; hearing the popping sounds of my rock hard cock sliding between his slick warm crack. I was in a dream.

The dream lasted for what seemed like forever. As soon as the both of us started dating, everyone was informed; including my group of friends. Seven years of heaven followed. A wonderful engagement and wedding flew by through time; time truly does fly when your having fun. A beautiful bum that I could fuck many times after he learned to stretch out his hole for my average sized penis. Blake was no tramp before he met me.

His personality was heavenly and was so full of fun and wit. Seriously; Blake was not only sexy; he was the centre of attention at parties. Guys and girls would crowd around to merely listen to him. He sometimes made people laugh out loud to the point where they were tearing up and holding their stomachs in painful hilarity. A lot of the time he would joke about me and my lazy 'video-game antics'; and I would laugh with all the rest at the party; It was hopeless getting into a 'battle of witty remarks' with my husband; I would simply lose and it was all in good fun anyway.

Kyle was always impressed with Blake's sassy sense of humour; he seemed to be the one laughing the most hysterically at his japes; especially the ones towards me; probably because Kyle could see the humorous truth in it; he was my best friend from school after all; Kyle knew me like a brother; but was never attracted to me in THAT way. Kyle however was very attracted to Blake so it seemed.

I was obsessed with Blake's beautiful smooth bubble butt. So much so that I spent most of our sex time licking and sniffing his crack instead of fucking him. During our marriage Blake would bend over a bed or couch and roll his eyes at me as I obscenely licked at his hole and masturbated. He didn't seem to like that I was always shoving my face up there instead of my cock. Blake was obsessed with cock as much as I was obsessed with ass. But I would tell him to 'Spread that pussy for me," and he would roll his eyes at me again, reach behind himself and spread his crack so I could see his beautiful pink pucker. My eyes widen like a maniac when I inspect his ass; my nostrils flair. It was simply my favourite thing and I loved it. I would shove my nose up their all day if I could.

I was so intoxicated with my sexual relationship with my husband that I would talk about my sex expoits with my striaght buddies. I remembered Twenty-year-old Kyle would laugh at his birthday party years before, with a beer in his hand and very interested in the subject, unlike my other friends; "It's not that I like dick or anything bro; but its sex interest me as a topic of a weird research type way."

"I'm not your Lab Monkey!" I would complain but laugh also with a beer in my hand. Kyle would go on to study in a medical degree six years later involving the brain and how it works. Blake would take on a medical degree in the near future also; and would constantly bump into Kyle within the halls of the medical building among the university complex. I often wondered how they interact with each other when they saw each other in the halls and pathways of the university. Did Blake giggle like a schoolgirl to Kyle's dirty day to day stories? Did Kyle laugh and be impressed with Blake's 'bitchy' wit? Did they have coffee together; lunch together? All these things were going through my mind on how this relationship between the two most adorning people in my life started.

Things started to take a dark turn when hours at my part time job increased to the point where I was exhausted every night when I returned home. I simply wasn't in the mood for intercourse anymore. Those first nights Blake would see me collapse on my bed fully clothed. When I slowly turned myself around on the bed to face my beautiful husband I saw him by the bedroom doorway; naked as the day he was born. I looked at him in a tired sense of wonderment. He truly was beautiful. The most beautiful person I had ever seen. His smooth milky body kneeled on the doorframe; one of his long legs were extending out from the side to the point where he was ludely sticking out his buttocks in the other direction. Blake had a gained a bit of weight since he was a teenager; but it made him all the more cuddly and his arse all the more juicy as I sucked and gnawed at it. He smiled at me with a sexy grin; hairless and smooth and ready to make me happy with his bum. But most of all Blake wanted cock; he wanted it and needed it so bad.

My beautiful, tall husband walked slowly closer and closer to me. He kneeled down to me at the bed and put one of his arms on my clothed shoulders as he kissed me passionately. I returned the kiss with gusto as my head remained on the pillow. His presence simply was relaxing and euphoric; like I was smoking a joint of marijuana or having some MDMA. Blake was a drug all on his own. He proceeded to move his arms and face down towards my work pants. I looked down intense at him as he tilted his head near my pants zipper and looked me in the eyes with his piercing sexy look; unzipping my zipper and flopping out my semi-hard cock. Blake looked at my cock with a blank sort of content. It definitely wasn't a big cock. It was no bigger than 6inches and was uncut. Blake was the bottom in out relationship and even he had a bigger cock than me. He nevertheless purred at it before licking it and sucking it with his beautiful tongue and lips. I pushed my head further back into the pillow as this beautiful creature gave me oral sex. After many minutes of Blake sucking my cock I told him I needed more of him.

"Please," I said to my beautiful lover, "I need your arse; show me your arse!"

Blake then hopped up and turned around on top of me. His arse was near my face preparing to kneel and sit on it. Blake still didn't take his wonderful hands off my penis. It happened all so sudden. Blake's beautiful hairless juicy bum dropped down on my face like a nuclear bomb. I moaned helplessly and joyfully all at once. My eyes, nose and mouth were wedged between his wonderful bum-crack. I could still feel his limber 'motherly' fingers pulling at my cock flesh; up and down; up and down. I licked, sucked and even nibbled a little bit at this beautiful cleft of flesh that was attempting to suffocate me. Blake responded by wiggling harder and faster on my face.

"I'm gnna cmm!" I muffled,"I'm gnna cmm!"

"No!" Blake said high pitched and annoyed, "Don't cum yet; I haven't had your cock! I want cock!"

Blake was in a rush to get his big arse off my face. I tried to forcefully keep his huge bum on my face by orcing my left arm on his lower back, but Blake pulled away with ease. He turned around and faced my laying body standing up. He then proceeded to squat on my penis with his legs obscenely spread out. I felt myself enter his silky insides and he began to ride my cock on top of me. It lasted for a few minutes until Blake had realised that my cock had softened in his anus.

"What's going on?" Blake looked down at me strange while I was still inside of him.

"I'm really sorry Blake," I began, "I'm just so exhausted man. Intercourse is simply too much work tonight."

"Well that do you need me to do get you off?" He said with his arms crossed.

I had an idea. It seemed to be the only way I could get this over and done with and proceed to my husbands pleasure. I told Blake to kneel his arse on the side of the bed and that I could get behind him. The concept was simple I would stare, gawk, lick, sniff and admire Blake's beautiful juicy hairless bum-bum while I masturbated my penis furiously fast.

I proceeded to do so. I got naked too this time and kneeled before his buttocks on the carpet floor next to the side cabinet by the pillows. I looked in wonder as his glorious silky smooth legs hung of the side of the bed and his bum-cheeks protruded out in such a obscene fashion that I thought his arse was going to engulf me. I shoved my head into his arse as I pulled furiously at my cock. Wet flopping sounds could be heard every time my palm and fingers slid past the bass of my penis; up and down; up and down. I was rubbing one out over my beautiful husbands arse shamefully.

"Oooooh! Yes! YES!" I would hiss "Look at my beautiful Blake's butt-butt! Look at my precious!"

Was this selfish? Was this a obscene creepy thing to do in front of my beautiful pure husband? I believe I got my answer when I peeked above Blake's bum cheeks and looked at the expression on his beautiful girly face.

The expression on his face was not good at all. It wasn't the typical 'rolled-eyes' look he gives me when I feast on his crack from time to time. It was look of pure contempt and disgust. He looked at me with some subtle horrified sneer; a facial expression so heartbreaking from a face that was so sexy. He looked at me like I was some creepy monster or Gollum from a horror or fantasy film. But that face; oh my god that face! His expression was so mean and sexy; so bitchy, sassy and oh so powerful. Oh my Queen! I tugged my cock faster and faster to his disapointed and demeaning expression. The humiliation felt so good as I lost myself in the intoxicating stench of his raunchy ass crack sweat.

Fap! Fap! Fap!

Taking in these humiliating feelings of contempt and disgust and tried to articulate them through the nerves of my cock.

Fap! Fap! Fap! FAP!

I whimpered and shuddered behind my beautiful husband Blake as my cock shot forth and leaked on the calf of his meaty right leg.

I looked breathlessly up at him and extended my arms to stroke his naked back.

"Did you want me to finish you?" I said licking at his legs subtly and getting closer to the cute hairless shaven balls that were nestled between his legs like twos mooth little eggs.

"No... It's fine," Blake said passively but cold as ice. He the proceeded to get up; facing away from me; not showing his face; and walked out of the room towards the shower.

As I kneeled there naked and alone with my cock leaking; hearing the buzzing shower water from the bathroom. I wondered; based on Blake's expressions of contempt and disgust during our sex; that this particular night would be the final time Blake and I would ever make love. Looking back on it; as my exhausting work pattern continued; it wasn't long before Blake started dating Kyle behind my back and then finally right in front me, guilt free.


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